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High Heeled poledance shoes

Looking for a shoe for a very special occasion? You are in the right place: in the wide range of high heels available on the pleaser, you will find many pairs of shoes with many different decorations and surfaces, perfect to wear in any situation. Sensual, feminine and versatile: high-heeled shoes give the figure and can be used with any outfit that always looks elegant and attractive. High-heeled shoes are now a universal symbol of femininity and for this reason they are certainly loved by the world's most famous designers who they constantly re-read according to their specific face created. The models are many and very different: finding the perfect pair for you will be very easy!

Discover our wide range of poledance high heels

As you may have noticed, here you have a great selection of high heels made with the best fashion brands in the world. There are many options: classic stiletto heels, with 15 heels and platform, are covered with improved shoes, with an eight-centimeter heel, open toe or toe. In contrast to all this, the choice is not easy. That is why we have made some suggestions for combinations and applications. First of all, know that a high heel is never an exaggeration: if you have chosen your favorite pair, you can wear it almost anywhere. At the start of the turn, you have to put your shoes on a nine-centimeter heel: the figure becomes skinny and your step more sensual without the risk of being uncomfortable. At the office, a moderate heel is perfect and elegant, sober and special. In the disco during the aperitif you can dry with thirteen of fifteen heels and with flashy and countless decorations. In addition to the complete set, do not check the access: in our collection of ladies' bags you will certainly find something special to give you!

Choose the perfect combinations for the wide range of high heels

At the office? Suits for jacket and pants, colored blouse with soft heels, half-fabric and half-high heels, with special decorations to make your outfit more original and personal. An evening with friends over a company drink? Midi dress, twelve high heels, half platform, some sparkling jewels that make the clothing light: you'll be perfect and comfortable, even for a pleasant walk. Instead, if you are looking for a dress that adapts to a wild party, choose the shiny heel and you will be visible through original details such as sequins, glitter or brilliant gems. The latest trend is velvet: velvety shoes, even in very bright colors, are certainly versatile, suitable for both day and night. If you make your outfit every day, don't forget to choose a nice jacket: in our range of ladies' jackets you can find some interesting ideas to make your high-heeled shoes complete in every way!

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